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Catching Up

It is so easy to get lost in college; not in the physical sense, but more the non-physical. There are so many things happening all around us, with all of our different classes, work from each of those classes, and even things that go on outside of the school environment. It’s easy to get caught up and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Sadly, this has happened to be the past few weeks. I’ve been very caught up with other things and I have fallen behind a bit with my CT 101 work. Looking at the work I’ve missed, I know that it is not a lot, and can easily be done, but it’s the getting started part that seems to be hard for me. So, what I plan to do during the rest of this class and throughout my break the next two hours is throw on some classical music and get to work; I’ve got posts to write, stories to tell. It is not easy to get caught up if you’ve missed some work, but the consequences of not getting caught up weigh more than a few hours of writing blog posts.

2 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I agree, the amount of work I’ve missed can be completed in less than an hour. I procrastinate way too much, this post is really a sign to me.

  2. LOL! All good! Start by getting some new drafts in the que and add a little to them each day! Its far better than trying to catch up by writing 5 posts in a row.

    Also, how about adding an animated reaction GIF to how this all feels :))

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