CT 101

The CT 101 Experience

Being able to experience and go through this class has been a pleasure. The class was useful to me because it taught me not only have to do a few things in photoshop, but it game me the opportunity to learn how to be responsible for my own work, how to assess what goals have… Read More The CT 101 Experience

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As one may have figured out by my last post, Liebestraum, music shapes my life. I know that technically, music shapes all of our lives, but music holds such a special place in my everyday life. The music I listen to shifts with my mood; some days, classic/romantic orchestral songs, some days I am influenced… Read More Fortunes.

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In my preteen/middle school years, I was very into classical music. Like any middle schooler, I was frequently confused of what was going on in my life. But, unlike most “normal” 13 year olds, I can honestly say that I was plagued with anxiety. From what exactly, I can’t ever remember. Possibly the idea of… Read More Liebestraum

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Copyright’s Affect

  According to Wikipedia, Copyright law in the United States encourages the creation of art and culture by rewarding creators with a set of exclusive rights. When something of yours is copyrighted, that means it’s your creation, and that no one else can claim that work. You have the right to reproduce, sell, display or… Read More Copyright’s Affect

CT 101

Catching Up

It is so easy to get lost in college; not in the physical sense, but more the non-physical. There are so many things happening all around us, with all of our different classes, work from each of those classes, and even things that go on outside of the school environment. It’s easy to get caught… Read More Catching Up