Dear Universe

2017 was good. Everyone has slow times in their life, and I think 2017 was a fairly slow year; there was nothing completely groundbreaking, heartbreaking, earthshaking for me. I sprouted slowly, I took what came my way, I started to learn myself and how I work. 2018 will be a good year. A better year.… Read More Dear Universe


2 Hours = 3 Seconds

It is so easy to be intimidated by photoshop. You load the program, and when the screen pops up, you are overtaken by buttons and tools that have so many uses, it’s easy to confuse them. When it came to the project the class was to do, I was a bit apprehensive. Just like everyone… Read More 2 Hours = 3 Seconds


Halcyon Days

Imagery has always played a large factor in my life, and in the past years, social media has played a large factor in handing out this imagery. I am a sucker for aesthetics. I love all soft, faded, pretty things. I love foggy photos, sunny photos, photos where you can physically feel the scenery through… Read More Halcyon Days

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Copyright’s Affect

  According to Wikipedia, Copyright law in the United States encourages the creation of art and culture by rewarding creators with a set of exclusive rights. When something of yours is copyrighted, that means it’s your creation, and that no one else can claim that work. You have the right to reproduce, sell, display or… Read More Copyright’s Affect