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Copyright’s Affect


According to Wikipedia, Copyright law in the United States encourages the creation of art and culture by rewarding creators with a set of exclusive rights. When something of yours is copyrighted, that means it’s your creation, and that no one else can claim that work. You have the right to reproduce, sell, display or perform your work on your own accord, because in every aspect, it is yours. Copyright laws are imperative to any artist, especially artists who work primarily online. Artists who post their work primarily on the internet can be easier targets of copyright infringement; anyone on any part of he internet can find and repost anything they’d like. If your work is copyrighted to you, then if someone was to reproduce your work in any way, shape or form, it would be considered illegal. This is called copyright infringement. Copyright infringement, in it’s simplest definition, is the use of works protected by copyright law without consent. The use of any work without consent infringes on the exclusive rights that the creator of the work has. As stated, doing this is illegal, and can be disputed in court. Once a creator has published something under copyright law, no other person is allowed to recreate, repost or use in any way that certain project without the consent of the original creator.

Overall, copyright laws are so essential in the life of any artist, who performs art in any form; musicians, fine artists, artists who make their art with a mouse and computer program. These artists rely on these laws everyday, and these laws help them rest easier, knowing that their work is protected, and that in every single right, it belongs to them.

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