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As one may have figured out by my last post, Liebestraum, music shapes my life. I know that technically, music shapes all of our lives, but music holds such a special place in my everyday life. The music I listen to shifts with my mood; some days, classic/romantic orchestral songs, some days I am influenced and pushed forward by punk rock, other days I let myself float around to the sounds of indie and folk.

I’ve recently found a duo by the name of Fortunes., and their few songs have become part of my everyday playlist. I unintentionally haven’t gone more than a day without listening to one of their songs. There’s a whole culture around liking small bands or groups, or being able to say that you knew them before anyone else did. I don’t usually pride myself on having known a group before they made it big, but when the day comes where I hear one of their songs filtered through a mainstream radio station, I will very proudly announce that I knew them when they were releasing three or four songs at a time.

The duo makes music that mixes electronic and R&B. I can only describe the songs that I’ve heard as sounding hazy, like a lazy day at home. Or maybe like a glass of red wine, or linen sheets, or your favorite jeans. There’s no words to describe how their songs might make you feel. To me, they all just feel right. There’s something funky about them; they’ve got a unique sound. You think you know what the song will sound like, and maybe you do, but something will always be off about your prediction. Their music is soothing, yet at the same time, the songs keep you on you toes the first few times you listen.

Angel is the first ever song I heard of theirs. I heard of it through a youtube video by a channel called¬†To The 9s. The two females were going over some of their recently favorite things; fashion, makeup, music, etc. I heard the snippet of the song and instantly knew I had to find it. Pulling up Spotify, I desperately hoped that it would be available; it was not the first time they had featured a smaller artist or group in their videos, and in the past I’d been stuck with an itch for a certain song that I could not find. Thankfully, they were on Spotify, and I added the song to my library. For a few months, this was the only song of theirs I bothered to listen to. It wasn’t until recently that I was scrolling through the “New Releases” page on Spotify,l when I found out that they’d released a new EP. Immediately, I gave it a listen.

All four songs are gorgeous, though I keep going back to two of them, 501’s and Linen. 501’s is an ode to a new crush, to seeing them and thinking damn, they look great in that outfit. It’s a song about the back and forth, of liking but knowing that you’ve got things to do, that you don’t have time to ponder and gaze at this person, but letting yourself anyway. Linen is a darker tune, something that feels entirely raw and open. It’s the sound of physically needing to be close to your person; it’s the sound of what linen bedding feels like under the skin, of what it feels like to be pressed close to the one you love.

What I love about Fortunes. is that their songs, no matter how long or short, always evoke some emotion. They make you feel what they’re feeling, but they also leave room for you to create¬†your own memories to the song. Their music is not mindless, it’s not made for the masses. It’s made for the people who stumble upon them, for people who are in desperate need to listen to something new, something different.

I highly recommend them, their music. They don’t try too hard, they don’t take themselves too seriously, and honestly, it’s so refreshing. Their music makes you feel like maybe some part of you knows them; there’s nothing about them that feels glossed over, nothing that feels like it’s been overthought and over processed. They’re talented, and it shows through their songs. Fortunes. is a group worth listening to because they are unashamedly real and honest. What you see is what you get and for once, that thought is comforting.

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