CT 101

The CT 101 Experience

Being able to experience and go through this class has been a pleasure. The class was useful to me because it taught me not only have to do a few things in photoshop, but it game me the opportunity to learn how to be responsible for my own work, how to assess what goals have been set and how to meet those goals on my own.

This being said, I think that I could have taken more from the class, though that is no fault on the curriculum, but on my own work ethic. About half way throughout the semester, I fell off the wagon; I lost track, and I didn’t put in the amount of effort that I should have in order to properly catch up.

This course definitely taught me that work doesn’t just get done, that you just don’t learn by doing nothing. I had an amazing opportunity to mess around with photoshop and other programs, to learn some things that I didn’t know before. I did learn some things, I took advantage of what I could, but there were a few assignments that slipped through my fingers. Being in this class has made me realize that maybe hybrid style courses aren’t totally for me; I’m a very physical person, and it takes me being constantly, physically engaged in a classroom to keep up with certain kinds of work. Hybrid style courses are very cool, but I don’t think that I’ll try to take another in the future.

As the course started to come to a close, and I realized that I maybe didn’t have as much content as some other students, I scrambled. I thought up as many posts as I could, I even looked back at the work I did over on the CT 101 site and picked a few that I really loved and wanted on my personal site.  I went through using one theme to changing it to a completely different one. I did my best to make my site into something I’d be proud of, proud to share and show my classmates. In the end, I am proud of what I’ve done. I may not have done all that well compared to other students, but for what I was able to do, I feel as if I learned enough. For me, what really matters is personal growth, and I definitely feel as if I’ve benefitted from this class. I’ve learned a lot about myself and the way I learn, and really, I think that’s the true goal of college. We go to better ourselves, gain new skills, enhance and strengthen skills that we’ve already had. This class provided me with the space to do all of those things, and for that, I am grateful.

I would like to extend a thank you to my Professor, Ryan Seslow, as well. He has by far gained a spot as an educator that I will always think fondly of. He was always very patient, very empathetic and thoughtful. He never made me or any other student feel as if we were asking a “dumb” question, or that we were so far behind that there was no hope. When he saw any of us frustrated, he’d extend a helping hand and a calming tone of voice, and he’d always walk us through what we were doing, point out little things that might help up. He is by far such an astounding, wonderful professor, and I am so thankful to have sat in his classroom for instruction.

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