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Theme Gardens and Such

Customizing something is no doubt the best part about anything, ever. Think about it; when you receive, say a new phone or laptop, the first thing you do is go through it and set up passwords, backgrounds, etc. The same stands with social media sites. The first thing I do, without a doubt, is go through and see what I can and cannot change. That does not guarantee that’ll I’ll change the look from head to toe, but that I’ll be prepared if I feel the need to.

Trying to customize my WordPress site was both an easy and slightly frustrating task. Easy, because I’ve known how to customize a blog for years. I’ve spent about four or five years of my life on the blogging site tumblr, and that is where I learned how themes work. Even though I have this knowledge of how themes work, I have it only for one site. While the same idea might be there, every site works differently. This is where the challenge begins.

I know what I want. From my experience with blogging on tumblr, I know that when it comes to themes, I like something that looks clean and is easy to navigate. When it comes to my social media, I am a minimalist. As stated, I love the face of whatever site I’m looking to be clean and easy to read. I don’t like when sites have too much going on, I tend to feel overwhelmed and overworked. So I knew that when it came to customizing my site, I wanted it to sleek and crisp, yet not too robotic. I want my website to feel human and inviting. I want people to feel at ease as they click through my pages and posts, because there is nothing worse than visiting a site and feeling as if there isn’t a human being behind the work.

To get started with customizing my site, I simply googled ‘customizing your wordpress blog.’ Gotta start somewhere, right?

Following that simple google search, I clicked on a few links. The two I deemed to be acceptable were Beginner’s Guide to Customizing WordPress: Learning WordPress and 15 Best Free WordPree Themes. I cannot truly say that I read every single word in both articles, but I did skim and pick out the information that was useful to me. From there, I was able to find myself on the WordPress site, where I came to the Theme directory. This is where the search started.

As I had an idea of what I wanted, instead of choosing theme after theme and test driving them out, I chose a few that really caught my interest and took advantage of the provided “tester site.” These sites have no real content, but are used to display what the theme might look like on an active, functioning site. I chose the best fit for me, and simply applied it to my site. Since it was free, there wasn’t much tweaking I could do, but I love it all the same.

While I did not have to do too much work to get my site to look the way it does, it was still tedious, but I am very happy with the way to came out. My experience with working with themes definitely aided in the process, and for that I give myself a tiny pat on the back. I look forward to checking back on the theme directory every now and then to see if there’s anything new and exciting, but for now, I’ll revel in what I have done.

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